Pay Per Click Management

Morebrite helps clients manage their PPC campaigns towards their goals

We have a deep understanding of the optimization process, using Google Ads and Analytics data to maximize ROI. All Google Ads resources will be used as needed, including bid optimization, mobile vs. PC optimization, time of day, day of week, geo-targeting, ad performance, ad delivery strategy and other key metrics. KPIs and other performance data are extracted for campaign reports and meetings and are used to drive ongoing performance improvements.

From Google Ads to Facebook ads

Remarketing / Retargeting

advertising strategies

maximize click-through Rates and Sales

Google and Facebook Ads are complex, requiring considerable experience and technical skill to manage successfully. We take a comprehensive approach to Ads management, optimizing each component to ensure maximum performance. We then closely monitor the campaign to catch performance drifts and performance fine-tuning.


building advertising campaigns that will generate leads

Our PPC management team includes engineers and marketing professionals, allowing for a deep skill set that addresses technical data analysis as well as effective consumer communications.

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Monthly Management Tasks

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This is what a typical pay per click management task list looks like for each of our clients.